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Employment Opportunities

A few of the companies we have had charity team building events with:


Spice Village Uplyft is a 100% volunteer group with almost everyone working on a pro bono basis. The volunteers represent a diverse group including women, professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, health professionals, minorities, and people from diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations. You can approach us directly via this website to make any inquiry about the volunteering opportunity. All volunteers must agree to our Volunteers Policy and shall furnish two suitable referees along with their proof of identity and address.

All the volunteers have been inducted into the organisation through a Know Your Volunteer form that ensures key details of name, ID, address, citizenship status are identified along with two referees knowing the volunteer for more than three years recommending the volunteer. The SVU governing body is formed of volunteers. The Chief Volunteer is a volunteer. Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson are volunteers. The treasurer is a volunteer. All key responsibilities are held by the volunteers.

Governors are nominated by any of the volunteers and supported by at least three volunteers. An open and transparent election process is announced which is executed by a neutral body. All nominated candidates share their expertise and strategy to lead the organisation and votes are cast on the basis of their standing, strategy, and contributions to the organisation. The governors are rotated every three years so we could benefit from fresh insights and oversight.